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March 20 - April 15th, 2023
Mattapoisett Free Public Library
7 Barstow Street,
Mattapoisett, MA 02739

The portfolio showcases the significant environmental role the river valley plays in the well-being of the region, not only for the diverse wildlife that rely on the habitat, but also for the residents of Mattapoisett, Rochester and Fairhaven who depend on the aquifer beneath for clean drinking water.

Let the River Run
Landscape photographs of the Mattapoisett River Valley

 A documentary project inspired by a life-long appreciation for the Mattapoisett River.
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Mattapoisett resident David Walega is documenting the 11-mile journey of the Mattapoisett River on film, starting at its northern source at Snipatuit Pond in Rochester and ending where its water flows into Mattapoisett Harbor and Buzzards Bay. The photographs capture the unique and fragile ecosystem of the river and its tributaries, while raising awareness for the importance of conservation of natural spaces.





The exhibit features approximately 20 photographs, reflecting a deep appreciation for the preservation of these delicate ecosystems. These photographs are captured through a uniquely traditional photographic process, the wooden pinhole camera on 4" x 5" film.

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